Ponder Boats
Ponder Electric & Gas Pontoon Boats designed for Ponds, Rivers, Canals, Bays and Small Lakes

All of our Ponder Electric Pontoon Boats are powered by Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motors.  We offer two models, the 2.0RL which is equivalent to a 6 HP Gas Outboard Motor and a 4.0RL which is equivalent to a 9 HP Gas Outboard Model. You will enjoy the quite Enviermentally friendly ride of the Ponder Electric Pontoon Boat. 
Ponder 148 Gas Outboard

Ponder 146 Economy Electric

Ponder 148 Electric Wide Body

The Ponder Bass Sniper

The Ponder Fish & Cruise

LBS Enterprises Marine Division, Ponder Boats, is offering a boat designed to be sold on the Internet “Water Ready” allowing you to get a full featured Electric or Gas Pontoon Boat at a discounted price. Theses boats are water tested at the factory before shipping.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
The Ponder Electric & Gas Pontoon Boats were designed for Boaters who Enjoy Boating on Ponds, Rivers, Canals, and Small Waterways. With an 11 inch draft this boat can go just about anywhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Our Electric models allows you to enjoy the peace and serenity small waterways offer, As well as making this boat the easiest handling boat you have ever operated.

146 Ponder Electric Pontoon Boat
You can order this Pontoon Boat "Water Ready"..
The 146 Ponder,Pictured above, has been entered into our line for the customer that is on a waterway that restricts width to 6 ft.  Powered by the same Electric Power as our Wide Body Model it offers a more economical price point. Click on the above photo for specifications.

148 Ponder Electric Wide Body
You can order this Pontoon Boat "Water Ready".
The 148 Ponder, Pictured above, is the biggest little boat in the industry.  A full 8 ft. beam matches that of much larger boats giveing you the room, safety, and stability that you may find on boats as large as 22 ft.  Powered by Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motors it out powers all of its competition.
Features of Ponder Electric Pontoon Boats
*Enviermentally Friendly:  Do your part to help the World.
*So Quiet you won't hear it running allowing you to carry on conversations without yelling.
*Vibration Free giving you a comfortable ride.
*No Smoking Outboard Engine allowing you to breathe the fresh air the waterways offer.
* Avoid high priced gasoline and trips to the gas station saving you time and money.
*The Mini Console makes handling The Ponder Pontoon Boat a breeze. Anyone can operate it even the kids!
* Extra Deck Space. The Mini Console in front of the rear bench seat allows us to eliminate the Captains Chair giving you extra deck space.. Combine that with a FULL 8 ft. BEAM and you get the most deck space of any Mini Pontoon Boat giving you the feeling of being in a larger boat.
So get ready to enjoy a sun set cruise with your friends, exploring waterways not accessible by larger boats or just a peaceful day cruising around your pond, lake, Canal or small waterway.
Click on Specification Page for complete details.

Inexpensive Pontoon Boats

You will notice that we have a great selection of Ponder Electric & Gas Pontoon Boats and Pontoon Boat accessories. If you have been looking for a Electric or Gas Pontoon Boat or Ponder Pontoon Boat accesories, you are in the right place. Take a look around and find the new Electric or Gas Pontoon Boat that will best suit your style and needs. Click on any link or image to learn more about all of our Ponder Electric or Gas Pontoon Boats.